Our dogs are very special!

Now, what dog owner wouldn't say the same thing!

Our 3 PuppiesWe have three big dogs (well, two big dogs and one real big puppy) and things can get rather interesting at times, but they do make life more enjoyable! The unconditional love and eagerness to please make dogs so endearing to us. It's such a wonderful feeling to come home and be greeted excitedly by your pack. Hey, you could be gone for a few days or just an hour - it doesn't matter, your "home coming" is an exciting event and they let you know how much they've missed you. They even get excited when you get up in the mornings. It isn't like you've been anywhere but they still missed you! That "happy go lucky" attitude that dogs have just makes life more enjoyable.

Our dogs are more than just dogs to us, they're part of the family. We strive to make their lives as happy as they make ours, which can be quite challenging. Living with dogs can provide many challenges and, as dog lovers, we would do anything to keep them happy.

Making Our Dogs Happy

It's very important to us that our dogs are not only happy but that they're also healthy. Sure, we want our dogs to have the basic necessities - food, water, shelter, toys, etc., but getting them quality products can prove to be challenging. For example, dog food. I've always known, and suspected, that some dog foods do not provide all the necessary nutrients needed by a dog, but I was surprised when I found out that a lot of dog foods contain ingredients that can be detrimental to a dog. I do a lot of research now, trying to find the best quality products for all of our dogs. One of my favorite website is The Dog Food Project. This website has a lot of valuable information. Of course, I have to keep product cost in mind, but I'm willing to pay for quality. Besides, the cost of quality products greatly decreases the cost of vet visits, medication, etc. You also have to consider your time - vet office visits, treating illness, etc. When you have more than one dog, those costs can add up quickly.

Have your dogs ever had any of the following?:

  • Excess Shedding
  • Dry Skin
  • Constant Ear Infections (yeast or bacterial)
  • Paw Infections
  • Skin yeast or bacterial Infections
  • Excessive Weight Gain
  • Cuts that take a long time to heal
  • Constant Scratching
  • Dull coats

Did you ever wonder if these problems could be food related or if there was anything out there that would really help?

Nik 1Nik had been showing a lot of the symptoms listed above for several years. After many treatments, using products that you can get at the store and prescriptions, his health issues would get better for a while, then they'd come back and they'd be worse. I began to wonder, was something causing this that we could change or did we just have a dog that was prone to health issues.

We made many trips to our vet for Nik's ear and paw issues and, we highly recommend that any dog with a health issue be taken to the vet. You need to make sure that these are not underlying symptoms to a larger problem that needs veterinary treatment. We did this - had tests run and the results were negative. Okay, enough about the vet, but we want to make it clear that your veterinarian is a valuable resource and is very important in keeping your dog healthy.

So, what's next? Lots of research and trying various remedies; then watch for results - good or bad. We even went a step further and had a nutrition consultation done for all of our dogs at Better Dog Care. Since we've changed his diet based on the results from the consultation, Nik is doing much better, but we still have a few issues to work on. As we discover more solutions for Nik, we'll update this site.

Every dog is different. We definitely know that. You would think that Nik and Yuki would have similar issues since they're brother and sister, but Yuki doesn't have the same health issues as Nik. Yuki is quite healthy compared to Nik, but she does have a strange personality. But that's another story....

Nik Yuki MikeAnyway, something that might work for one dog might not work for another. Each one is special and we have to remember that. We can only recommend what we found that works for Nik. As we find additional solutions for Nik, we'll update this site. We are determined to resolve all of his health issues. Although Nik is doing much better now, his immune system seems to be a little "low". If he gets a small cut, it takes forever to heal even with medication. This is our current project - find a way to boost his immune system safely.

We're always looking for quality treats, toys, and other products that will make our dogs happy, so while we're at it, if we should find any neat products, we'll mention those too. Come back to our website often as we will be updating it with information/products that have made our puppies happier!!!

Oh yeah! Don't forget to visit our puppies website, "A Puppy's Tale"! I'm sure they'll have lots of stories to tell.

My Confession

Okay, let me be honest. I really don't refer to our dogs as "dogs" in everyday life, I still call them "our puppies". Yes, I do know that two of them are way too old to be called puppies, but as far as I'm concerned, they're still "our puppies". I have tried to consistently refer to them as "dogs" throughout this website, but I'm so used to calling them puppies, that I might have, inadvertently, referred to them as "puppies". So, if you happen to see "puppies" when I should have typed "dogs", just know that I messed up again. The only reason I included this "confession" is to placate the two older dogs. They're sitting here in the office and giving me that "oh, gee" look.

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